All about Wayuu Bags, English

20 Celebrities that love ethnic Wayuu Bags, #9 and #15 will shock you!

#1 Shakira

Evidently, Shakira as a Colombian and overall as a “costeña” (coastal) has an extensive collection of Wayuu bags, and we get to see them from time to time. The most iconic picture is the one with her beautiful baby and the bright blue Wayuu mochila bag.

#2 Sofia Vergara

Like a good Colombian who loves Wayuu bags and has many of them! and of course, she is from the coast as well as Shakira. You can even spot several recent pictures of Sofia Vergara with a Wayuu bag on her social media accounts. Sofia even posted a picture of the Wayuu artisan that made her cute pom-pom ethnic bag she sports on a beautiful picture.

#3 Alessandra Ambrosio

Another latina with an amazing fashion sense and looks! Alessandra Ambrosio, one of the best-paid models from the Victoria Secret franchise. Alessandra keeps it simple with jeans, beach outfits creating a relaxed look with her premium Wayuu Bag. Chic as always and adorable with her baby and her family.

#4 Kourtney Kardashian

There are quite a few pictures here and there of Kourtney Kardashian sporting a Wayuu ethnic design bag. What I like the most is how fierce she wears the bags. Sometimes for cute dressed up outfits and sometimes super relaxed on the beach!

#5 Vanessa Hudgens

For starters, if you were latina, growing up in the United States, how proud were you to see Vanessa’s face as the star of High School Musical? She was so cute and innocent.  Since then though, we discovered Vanessa is more of a free spirit.  She developed such a relaxed boho-chic fashion sense and we can see her sporting Wayuu bags to the gym or the beach.

#6 Ashley Simpson

All we know is that he dated Ryan Cabrera whose father is Colombian. I have no idea if that was the reason why she had a Wayuu bag or she just simply found one some day. All I know is that she looks really cute with this purple and pink ethnic Wayuu Bag.

#7 Miley Cyrus

Love her or hate her you have to admit this girl is power. She does what she wants and says what she thinks, and while being criticized she made some of the best musical hits of a generation.  Here is Miley with her cute hubby Liam Hemsworth carrying a red Wayuu mochila bag. The Colombian bag really gives Miley’s outfit the pop of artistic color and boho feel she is so in tune with.

#8 Katie Perry

Katie could be one of the most influential women in music. Her attitude is what makes her such a goddess and a great entertainer. Here she is at an outdoors event a couple of years ago, sporting this cute Wayuu Bag. I would even dare to say this is a premium Wayuu bag.  Single thread Wayuu bags have intrinsic, colorful patterns.

#9 Uma Thruman

Did you know Uma’s mother was born in Mexico City? She is such an icon and definitely one of the best actresses out there. It is so cool to know she has some latina in her! look at her here sporting this beautiful premium Wayuu mochila with colorful flowers on an off white background.

#10 Busy Phillips

Who doesn’t love this girl from “Freaks and Geeks”  Busy could be the coolest girl ever, especially with her hilariously dried sense of humor. Here she is hanging out at an outdoors boho event with her colorful Wayuu bag.

#11 Paris Hilton

Another trendsetter, Hollywood royalty Paris Hilton, is not a stranger of philanthropic deeds. For a time, she supported the Wayuu Taya Foundation. There were many Hollywood A-listers supporting the cause started by Venezuelan actress Patricia Velasquez; among them, Wilmer Valderrama and international model Iman.  Paris looks amazing holding this bright pink Wayuu ethnic bag.

#12 Kate Hudson

When I think of Kate Hudson I definitely go for “California beach vibes” There she is in her perfect weekend-comfort outfit with a cute double thread Wayuu bag! Build your own from the base.

#13 Princess Beatrice

There are a couple on royals in this list and Princess Beatrice of York is one of them. She is known for her exclusive accessories and outfits. How cute is she wearing this beach outfit with a Wayuu ethnic bag? She definitely has a great sense of style, her hats are amazing as well.

#14 Diane Kruger

Diane can definitely show us that Wayuu Bags are not just beach bags, they go with all types of outfits. Don’t be scared of being colorful and bold. Here she is in a spread from Bazaar, sporting this amazing tribal pattern bag.

#15 Martha Stewart

Martha has had Wayuu bags sold on her info selling show a couple of times. We know she really likes the jeweled Wayuu mochila bag. Who would have thought Martha Stewart was a Wayuu bag fan.

#16 Sienna Miller

This beautiful British- American fashion icon, model, and actress sporting her beautiful pattern Wayuu bag while she goes about running errands.

#17 Anna Beatriz Barros

Anna Barros, another gorgeous Brazilian from the Victoria Secret angels clan. I can’t say anything but wow, you rock this outfit!

#18 Kelly Bensimon

Kelly Jean Killoren Bensimon started out as a model and later became an author, socialite, and editor of Elle Accessories . Though we mostly know her for her appearance on the “Real House Wives of New York. We are surprised she has one of these beauties! Wayuu ethnic bag

#19 Rachel Weisz

Another extremely talented British actress that looks super cute with her brown and beige Wayuu Bag! I wonder who brought the trend to Hollywood first.

#20 Tatiana Santo Domingo & Andrea Casiraghi

The last of the list but not the least is a royal couple of Monaco; Isabela Santo Domingo and Andrea Casiraghi. Tatiana Santo Domingo, Colombian socialite with a wide repertoire in design; loves the indigenous people's work and she is not shy to dress head to toe on artisan goods. She even started a brand of boho-fashion that promises very cool collections every season. Andrea Casiraghi as a supportive partner wears the part. He is such a stud and looks super cute with this blue Wayuu bag.

Honorary mention Rafael Nadal & Novak Djokovic

Honorary mention Beyonce

Honorary mention Shay Mitchel