Join the Wayuu Market Brand Ambassador Program!

Dear Influencers and Brand Ambassador applicants,

Welcome to the Wayuu Market! Thank you for your interest in becoming a brand ambassador for the Wayuu artisan industry.

Please read the following page to get to know about the Wayuu Market Brand Ambassador program.

Wayuu Market Brand ambassador

How does the Wayuu Market Work

We are a marketplace dedicated to Wayuu artisan products manufactured by indigenous Wayuu people of La Guajira Colombia and Venezuela. For once, we have an online platform that hosts shops for the artisans and allows them to manage inventory and review data. On the other side, our logistics center holds and processes all the items. Consequently,  you will be able to have access and receive the products on time.

The Wayuu Market is of free use for the artisans.  The customers pay a small market fee that covers the expenses related to commercializing all the products. Besides, we make up the cost of the market by offering deep discounts on worldwide shipping.

Wayuu Market Brand ambassador

Where does the Wayuu Market’s heart lie?

We focus our efforts on using technology to optimize the sells processes between the indigenous people and the national and international clientele. The Wayuu have stock and production capacity,  but limited ways to commercialize the items.

Day by day we witness how entire Wayuu families benefit from our programs. Our team wants to promote the autonomy of the artisans overall.

We do not own any of the items available at the shop. We take care of commercialization while the artisans can focus on understanding the market and to hone their craft. Also, we wish to make a more dignifying way of exchanging products as the complex Wayuu artisan industry leaves the artisans vulnerable to exploitation.

Why is this pertinent to you?

We want you to know that we put a lot of heart in what we do and that our resources are carefully placed to provide a service to as many as possible.  Thus we do not give away any merchandise unless we can guarantee to increase the sells of the artisans in the Wayuu Market. How do we do that you might ask…


The upcoming Wayuu Market Brand Ambassador Program

We want to pair with the right audience and to be able to do that we have to make sure you believe in the Wayuu artisans, their work and that your audience will engage.  We are designing a program that takes you through steps in the process of becoming a brand ambassador, giving you options to make a profit as well as getting special discounts and “treats.”

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