Non Profit Donations – Fabiola E'inuushi Kama'irü

“Be a woman is to know how to knit”  

Fabiola is a Wayuu woman, she is the mother of two boys and a girl, with whom she lives with her mother in the indigenous community “Tucupao” eight kilometers from Riohacha the capital of the department of La Guajira in northern Colombia.
Like any Wayuu girl at the beginning of her development as a woman, she was imprisoned for three years due to the Wayuu rite called “El Encierro”, where she learned from her grandmother the Wayuu weaving arts and other aspects for her development in Wayuu society.
Today, Fabiola weaves Wayuu bags with great skill, bags that she sells for the sustenance of her three children and her mother in a beautiful place of La Guajira, where she educates her children in the knowledge that allows them to maintain the traditions of this indigenous people.