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Hi! Welcome to the Wayuu Market, an artisan centered marketplace dedicated to the Wayuu Artisan Industry.  We manage all the marketing, processing,  logistics, and shipping all for free for the artisans and they get to have their very own digital shop for free. Thus, the millenary weavers can keep producing their beautiful art while we worry about the rest!

Everyone participant is autonomous and owns their digital shop.


indigena wayuu tejiendo

How did it all start?

After commercializing Wayuu products, we finally understood how the Wayuu Artisan Industry is a real gift to the world.

We realized what they really needed was the support to commercialize their already beautiful fashion-forward products. The Wayuu produce millions of high-quality handcrafted items that travel all over the world. Most importantly, they weave their story in their evergrowing portfolio of patterns. Besides,  weaving makes part of their culture and cosmovision in a very special way.

Having the artisans in mind, we wanted a better way for the exchange to happen.  We tried to make our mark different ways until we realized that the artisans themselves are the entrepreneurs and designers that needed a little tech support to enter the market.

With this, we want to show a more respectful approach to the product, its makers and you, the clients. We believe we can do that by disclosing all the processing prices and fees.



How does the Wayuu Market work?

We are a marketplace that hosts autonomous Wayuu Artisan Stores. Our artisans produce handmade purses, shoes, household items, and more. These items usually are resold nationally and internationally but with the Artisan Market, you can get them directly from their hands.

Since the remote location of the products can present an inconvenience, we have partnered with UPS international shipping and DHL to offer discounted rates. We pass our UPS and DHL discounted shipping to you. Find out more about our wholesale services

Please note that shipping only one bag will be pricey for international orders but as you add to your cart you get a better discount.

*** If you are a WHOLESALE buyer, make sure to pick the option to "Review the orders shipping" to make sure you got the best shipping rate available on Wayuu products!**** read more

We encourage you to order with your friends! The cart should give you an estimate for your shipping and the best discounts start happening at 10 bags.

Note that the better discounts happen after 10+ items. 

wayuu mochila bags colombia indigena wayuu en el desierto



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