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TV Show Buenas features Wayuu Market by reporter Laura Montero

The TV show Buenas from Tele caribe and reporter Laura Montero, dedicate their show to positive news in the Colombian, Caribbean coast.

The feature today: Wayuu Market

"More than 30 Wayuu communities have changed the way to sell their crafts thanks to Wayuu Market. A virtual platform that facilitates the commercialization of these crafts around the world."

Wayuu Market houses autonomous stores for any Wayuu craftsman who is willing to try these free services offered. The artisans come to Wayuu Market with their crafts. The account managers are in charge of doing inventory and processing photos and digital information for each of the products.

Most of the time Wayuu Market is in charge to make logos for the artisans and help them create a name and an identity.

Wayuu Market employs 100% of its employees of the Wayuu ethnic group as it facilitates trust between the market and the communities.

This company encourages fair payment to artisans, and they dictate their prices. The Wayuu artisan industry is a complex set of connected artisan communities that collaborate to make products. The Wayuu are mostly known by their handcrafted goods made woven or crochet. The Wayuu Bag or Mochila Wayuu is their most popular item to sell.

Wayuu Market also gives customers the transparency of processing and shipping costs. International shipments enjoy a great discount in addition to express door service. Domestic shipments are low cost. In Colombia, a backpack door to door takes 2 to 3 days.

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