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Wayuu Market, a business that positions Wayuu handcrafts nationally and internationally (Publication)

Wayuu Market, a business that positions Wayuu handcrafts from La Guajira, Colombia, nationally and internationally

Original publication titled”Wayuu Market, emprendimiento que posiciona artesanías guajiras a nivel nacional e internacional” 11/30/18 by Mary Ramirez

“Majestic, heading the southern atlas, like a pedestal representing a kingdom (bis), wearing, with ease and elegance, a giant dress and jewelry of mystery”

Song ‘La dama guajira’, Hernando Marín.

This is the Colombian state of La Guajira, a majestic apartment that holds precious treasures and jewels made by Wayúu artisans. These same jewels are the ones that nationals and tourists want to take home after visiting the magical territory.

Chinchorros, backpacks, wallets and other Wayúu handcrafts are the living representation of the indigenous community of La Guajira, Colombia. Therefore, it is important to highlight the effort, dedication, and love that permeates each craft and help them to publicize their creations nationally and internationally.

How did Wayuu Market start?

That is why, the couple Diana and Brandon Miller – him from Dallas, United States, and her from Bogotá, Colombia – decided to start, five months ago, a project with a guajira brand. This is Wayuu Market, a project that allows artisans to have their own spaces in digital platforms for national and international product sales.

Wayuu Market, among other things, helps artisans through the creation of the product image; they can position the handcrafts made by the natives through sales in partnership with an NGO and a US trader.

“When we started working with the Wayúu, we realized what a Wayuu bag or mochila Wayuu really meant to the natives. Then, we finally understood how the Wayuu handcraft industry worked. We realized as well that there are business models that do not highlight the artisan. Basically what they do is ignore the message of each product, and for the Wayuu, those products are their dreams, their life. In each piece, they tell their stories and the history of their ancestors. They are weaving hopes of life for themselves and their children, ”

Diana Miller.

How does Wayuu Market work?

This business model or entrepreneurship project boosts the autonomy of artisans by creating a space in a digital platform where they have digital shops with an entire image process like logo and banners, advertising, brand positioning, and marketing for the successful sale of their products.

“We work as mediators and house Wayuu products from different Wayuu handcraft producers in La Guajira to provide a central place for individuals and wholesale buyers to access a wide variety of inventories. The artisans own the stores and set the best prices they can for you, so you can buy your own collection of high-quality Wayuu art. ” you can read on the official site of Wayuumarket.com.

“If they (the artisans) do not have a brand or a name, we help them create it, to make a logo, to help them understand what the commercial identity is, what a brand is, how the page works,” says Diana.

Wayuu Market involves a whole process of idealization and the creation of digital sales to which each Wayúu trader or leader has access to follow each movement of their products put on sale.
It is an online market for the benefit of Wayúu artisans so that their products are sold in the way they deserve in Colombia and abroad. For this business model, Wayuu Market gives the opportunity to make a commercial exchange of Wayúu products in the most respectful way.

Who makes part of Wayuu Market?

The team consists of thirteen people between alijunas (nonnatives) and Wayúu, four in Bogotá and nine in La Guajira.
In this way, we realize that La Guajira, apart from being a state with high tourism potential, can also be seen as a window of entrepreneurship innovation models and projects with the aim of expanding the image and development of the territory, for the benefit of its Wayuu citizens.

Original publication titled”Wayuu Market, emprendimiento que posiciona artesanías guajiras a nivel nacional e internacional” 11/30/18 by Mary Ramirez

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