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Why the Wayuu Straps Are the New Boom?

Find out all the different ways that people are using the Wayuu straps!

Everybody always likes new things, so if you are working with Wayuu handcrafted products and you want to add something new to your store, then these ideas will help you.

 #1 Wayuu straps for cameras

Cameras are so delicate, and you must be careful when you are carrying them. Here is when the Wayuu Straps are the best option since they are strong and durable, perfect for holding cameras, besides you can have perfect combinations of colors and make them look fancy.


#2 Wayuu Straps for Pets

Who does not love pets? Nowadays, pets are part of our family, so everybody likes to make them look fashionable! People always are making up new things for pets, and now we have Wayuu straps for pets! The straps make for the perfect colorful collar that will make the pup stand out and look lovely while they are wearing them.

#3 Wayuu straps as belts

Belts for women

Undeniably, a beautiful belt could make an outfit stand out. Women around the world choose the colorful Wayuu straps as colorful belts. The great thing is that the belts go with any outfit, either for summer or winter. Wrap them around a winter coat or wear them with a skirt or shorts.

Belts for men

Men also wear Wayuu straps for accessories or belts. Regardless of age, season, weather, style, the versatile woven strap goes well with many things.



Can you see now why the colorful Wayuu straps are the new boom? People everywhere wear them and continuously modify them, creating new styles. WayuuMarket is the best place for buying wholesale Wayuu straps. We got the best prices, and you can order a personalized color combination, any color combination from the colors catalog you want.


Types of Straps at Wayuumarket


Premium wayuu strapPremium woven straps or single-thread (1T).

These straps are among the highest quality straps in the market. Wayuu people call them “Gaza de máquina,” which means strap made by a machine. Even though they do not use a “machine,” they still call them that way because they look so “pristine” in their eyes.

Though, what they use is two metallics tubes as support for them to make a loom. They start weaving using something they call “paleta,” which is a large oval flat piece of wood that helps to tighten the straps and form the pattern.



Traditional straps or double-threads (2T)

“Fajon” is the name that Wayuu people call this type of strap. Specifically, Wayuu artisans weave them using a double thread; the process is long and tiresome. They begin by defining the colors of the pattern to spin the thread. To do this, you need at least three people: one person is in charge of the “máquina,” the other holds the spinning machine, and the third one goes back and forth with the strands.

This machine, as they call it, is a fan, and it helps to spin the thread, but while the fan is running, another person has to keep walking for around a 300-meter perimeter. They use forks to hold the yarn. Usually, only men weave double thread straps since to create them since you need strong hands to maneuver the materials.


Wholesale Wayuu Straps Options


a) 10 Pack – Custom – 1T Premium Straps

With the  10 Pack Custom (1T) Premium option, you can buy a 10-pack  of premium Wayuu straps, and you can pick the color combination, style, and size, to make the pack of 10.


b) 10 Pack– Custom – 2T Traditional Straps

Customize a style for the 10 Pack Custom (2T0) Traditional option, and you can buy traditional (double-thread) straps in a pack of ten as well.


c) 50 Pack – Hand-Picked Locally -2T Traditional Straps

Finally, there is the 50 Pack Hand-Picked Locally option where you can buy 50 straps. Someone from the team will send you pictures of different options. Then you can select the ones you like until you have picked the 50 straps.

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