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What is The Wayuu Market

A Window Connecting the Wayuu to the World
Welcome to The Wayuu Market, the only platform that hosts Wayuu artisan shops directly from La Guajira, Colombia.

We work as a commercial bridge for rural indigenous communities to access the digital world market. All of our stores belong to artisans, local producers, and artisan union representatives. and we all work together to supply everyone from retail customers to wholesale merchants. Meet the artisans of the Wayuu Market.

  • Get access to local pricing

  • Get discounted super-fast shipping through UPS

  • Build your Wayuu Bag or buy RAW products

  • Customer service in Spanish, English, and Wayuunaiki

  • A bridge of collaboration with designers

  • Save Money and Time

  • Count on a variety of wholesale services

Read more about How The Wayuu Market Works

The Advantages of Buying at the Wayuu Market

You get local pricing from the artisans no matter what, so even if shipping costs are high, retail buyers can acquire Wayuu items at a discount.  However, the trick for wholesale buyers to get lower shipping costs per item is to buy more products. We have worked hard to get the lowest processing prices and shipping discounts to get you the best price possible while still respecting the artisan's fees. Read more...

Enjoy Local Producer Pricing

The artisans of the Wayuu Market are producers, and they are certainly giving you the best, most competitive prices nationally and internationally. Now, anybody anywhere can enjoy having a piece of Wayuu art and ancestry!

Particularly, The Wayuu Market prices are already the lowest online; you are getting a great deal considering the time and craft alone.  The Wayuu artisans put a small part of themselves on making every one of these pieces special. Learn more about The Wayuu Artisan Industry.

Why are the Wayuu Artisans Special

For one thing, the Wayuu are the largest indigenous artisan community in the Americas. They can produce millions of pieces ranging from woven bracelets, wallets, coin purses, a wide variety of shoulder and cross-body bags, hats, shoes, large hammocks called "chinchorros," apparel, you name it! They are so creative and colorful!

Undoubtedly what has been most impressive, is their ability to connect to us through fashion, helping us understand who they are and where they come from. Wayuu bags and Wayuu products have gone to all the corners of the world. Find your piece of Wayuu Art HERE

Welcome to the Wayuu Market. We have detected you are in the USA.

The website is in English and USA Dollars but, all items are shipped from our Non-Profit in Riohacha, Colombia.

You will be able to purchase your items with USA payment methods and items will be delivered in 4 business days 

Import TAXES are applied to the shipment if the product total and shipping cost exceeds $800 USD.

We leave off the Fee off the invoice and your order total will not include that amount for imports.

*All items are sold on a consignment basis with the relationships has made since 2015