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artisan centered platform

Artisans are the sole owners of their store! We promote autonomy and provide artisans, merchants, and designers with a service so they can connect to you.


We follow and promote fair trade practices; using the market as a guide to give you the best prices while getting the best deal for the artisan. The processing charges are transparent. We value respect overall making it the foundation of our policies.

we care

All of our efforts are focused on the advancement and preservation of the Wayuu Indigenous communities, and local families, involved in the Wayuu Artisan industry.
We serve Wayuu Artisan Communities
Millenary Weavers


Everything we do, we do it with love and dedication
    Diana Miller

    Colombia - USA

    Diana Miller
    Co-Founder/ President
    Brandon Miller


    Brandon Miller
    Co-Founder/ VP GLOBAL SALES

    Wayuu - Colombia

    Quality Control / Master Artisan
    Everson D
    Everson D
    Quality Control/ Master Artisan