About Wayuu Market Fees


Why do you pay a Wayuu Market fee?

You might be wondering what we do and why do we charge a fee for our services. Hence we would love to tell you how everything works and how you contribute.


Why did we start the Wayuu Market?


Wayuu communities live far from city centers and produce thousands of beautiful, unique, handmade items to sell every month.

Most artisans, vulnerable to whims of intermediaries, undervalue their products and have no other options to sell.


The Wayuu Market offers all the professional and commercial services for urban and rural artisans to sell on the internet on their own, for free.

We are able to do this because clients pay the market fees. Moreover, we try to keep the cost low and we make up for our fees by giving you the option of a 65% discount on international shipping.

Every time you buy something from the Wayuu Market, you contribute to the sustainment of Wayuu families of La Guajira, Colombia.



This fee covers all processing done from the Logistics Center

Inventory Management

Product Inspection and Packaging

Securely Store Inventory 

Manage National and International Shipping






This fee covers all the administrative fees, development, and marketing strategy

Online Platform

Administration Team

Transactional Fees

Marketing and Development

Welcome to the Wayuu Market. We have detected you are in the USA.

The website is in English and USA Dollars but, all items are shipped from our Non-Profit in Riohacha, Colombia.

You will be able to purchase your items with USA payment methods and items will be delivered in 4 business days 

Import TAXES are applied to the shipment if the product total and shipping cost exceeds $800 USD.

We leave the WayuuMarket.com Fee off the invoice and your order total will not include that amount for imports.

*All items are sold on a consignment basis with the relationships Wayuu-Mochila-Bags.com has made since 2015