Colombian Wayuu Bags and Wayuu Economy

The basis of the economy

It is certain that Colombian Wayuu bags are a fundamental part of the mixed economy of the Wayuu culture. It requires activities such as fishing, sea salt exploitation, and commerce. Additionally, goat herding represents the main wealth for the Wayuu people. It is used not only for commerce but also in conflict resolution; as a means of redress, as a dowry in marriages, and as gifts or presents between neighbors. It is also used in rituals representative of its culture.

Wayuu CeramicsThe Guajira Desert

It must be taken into account that given the climatic conditions of the region, the lands inhabited by the Wayuu culture are not fertile. It is important to know that there are few facilities to survive in the same territory. After all, the Wayuu are constantly on the move. In summer, there is an extreme drought that forces them to migrate in search of water to other places.

It is known that in some parts of La Guajira, the Wayuu exploit sea salt, some are fishermen. From about fifty years ago to the present, a growing number of the Wayuu population has been dedicated to informal trade and the sale of indigenous products. Some of these products are bags, hats, and clothing traditionally characteristic of the Wayuu ethnic group.

Crafts Wayuu cultural crafts

The sector that is gaining more strength day by day is the craft sector. Ceramics, and especially traditional textiles, are widely accepted in international markets. Colombian hammocks, clothing, accessories, and bags are being required more and more. Buyers find great quality, beauty, and a particular style in these products. Above all, it is known that these products contribute to the improvement of the lifestyle of families who derive their livelihood from the manufacturing of these products carried out by women of the Wayuu community.

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Shop by Store

Visit each artisan store and learn about the different groups of artisans. Each autonomous store belongs to artisan communities where they manage inventory and consciously dictate the price they want to charge. Visit the Wayuu stores!

Without a doubt, what has been most impressive is their ability to connect with us through fashion, helping us understand who they are and where they come from. Bags and products of Wayuu art have gone to all corners of the world. Find your piece of Wayuu art.

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