Frequently Asked Questions When Buying Wayuu Items

We know that when purchasing Wayuu items, many questions arise. In this blog we will answer many of the questions that our clients have.

Wayuu Market is a window for the Wayuu people to the world. We benefit rural artisan communities through this online market for small producers.

Thousands of women in the deserts of La Guajira, weaving the patterns they dream of, making the best woven bags in Colombia. Each piece has a story to tell, and now you can be part of it!

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Customers When Purchasing Wayuu Items

What are the advantages of buying Wayuu items at Wayuu Market?

You get local prices from artisans, never mind fast, affordable shipping. Retail buyers can purchase Wayuu items at a discount.

However, the trick for wholesale buyers to get lower shipping costs per item is to purchase more products.
We have worked hard to obtain the lowest processing prices and shipping discounts to get you the best price possible while still honoring the artisans’ fees.

Are the items 100% made by Wayuu artisans?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that our clients ask us. The answer is clearly yes! It is important to clarify that all our artisans are 100% Wayuu artisans, they are from La Guajira – Colombia. 

How many stores do you have in Wayuu Market?

Currently at Wayuu Market we have the privilege of having 37 stores of Wayuu artisans.

Why are Wayuu artisans special people?

On the one hand, the Wayuu are the largest indigenous artisan community in Colombia and Venezuela. They produce millions of pieces ranging from woven bracelets, handbags, purses, a wide variety of shoulder and crossbody bags, hats, shoes, large hammocks called “chinchorros”, you name it! They are so creative and colorful!

Without a doubt, the most impressive thing is their ability to connect with us through fashion, helping us understand who they are and where they come from. Wayuu bags and Wayuu products have gone to all corners of the world. Find your piece of Wayuu art.

Can I create custom items with you?

Of course yes, we have a great option for you, which is to customize each of your Wayuu items that you want, whether by size, color, fabric, all the options you want, you can click HERE.

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes, we have wholesale sales for each of our clients, this way they can obtain discounts for the purchase of their items. 

Where they are located?

At this time we have 2 locations. The main one is in Colombia, at the following address: Calle 10 # 7 – 39 Ste 1 Riohacha, 440001 Guajira-Colombia.

Our second headquarters is located inWylie, TX 75098 PO Box 2014

Do you ship to all parts of the world?

Yes, we have wide coverage in the world to send you your orders.

What are your opening hours to the public?

Do not hesitate to contact us, we have a link where you can write to us and stay in touch with us. Click HERE, we have a tel:+57-5-729-6670 or you can write to us at mailto: [email protected]

At Wayuu Market we are always here to serve you!

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