The Best Wayuu Accessories For Your Outfit

Accessories for your outfit

The best Wayuu accessories have quality, artisanal design, and are perfect for your outfit. At, we present you with the most popular Wayuu products that you can use to give more style to your outfit.

How to improve your style with Wayuu accessories?

If you want to improve your style with Wayuu accessories, we recommend you to see all the content below. You will find different products that will help you with your goal, and you will be able to put together your outfit according to your taste with the best Wayuu accessories.

Wayuu crafts have a lot of variety when it comes to accessories since they have brought the creativity they put into their main craft, the backpack, to other products. Using these new accessories will give you a lot of style.

Amazing accessories that bring out the best Wayuu style in you

Here is a list of Wayuu accessories that will bring out the best Wayuu style for your outfit.

In this list, you will find all the accessories with which you can combine and bring out your own style. 

Wayuu Bags

The beauty and unique design of the Wayuu bags have made it a very popular fashion accessory worldwide. In addition to being an attractive accessory, it also has an important cultural and symbolic meaning for the Wayuu community.

Wayuu Hats

The Wayuu hat is another popular accessory that has become a symbol of Colombian craftsmanship and has gained popularity worldwide due to its beauty and cultural value. The Wayuu hat is more commonly used as a protective garment against the sun and rain.

Wayuu Bracelets

Wayuu women make Wayuu bracelets, a handmade accessory. They are made with threads of different colors woven in the macramé technique and are adjustable to the wrist with a sliding knot.

They are a popular fashion accessory, and you can find them in different designs and patterns, with vibrant and cheerful colors that reflect Wayuu culture and art.

Wayuu Sandals

Guaireñas sandals are a traditional type of footwear in Wayuu culture, handmade with natural materials such as leather and vegetable fibers. They have a unique and distinctive design that reflects Wayuu identity.

Guaireñas sandals are comfortable and durable, and can be used for both casual and formal occasions. They are a popular fashion accessory, with different designs and patterns, and vibrant and cheerful colors that reflect Wayuu culture and art.

Wayuu Jewelry

The artisans of the Wayuu community make Wayuu earrings and pendants by hand using ancestral techniques, creating unique and colorful pieces that reflect Wayuu culture and identity.

Handwoven Wayuu necklaces characterize themselves by their colorful design and the technique used in their production. Artisans weave these necklaces by hand using cotton threads.
and decorate them with small colored beads forming geometric patterns and designs.

Both men and women in the Wayuu community use Wayuu products and accessories as a symbol of status and beauty.

Wayuu Briefcases

Are a very distinctive and practical accessory/product. Wayuu women use the cross-stitch weaving technique with colorful threads to make these briefcases by hand.

Each briefcase is unique and carries in its design the identity of the community and its culture. Moreover, these Wayuu briefcases are very versatile.
and can be used to carry a variety of personal items, clothing, and travel articles, among others. Due to their durability and beauty, they have become a popular choice.

Did you know?

that buying Wayuu accessories or products is a way to support the economy of Wayuu women and preserve their rich culture and artisanal traditions? This is a fundamental reason to buy. In our store, all the items we offer are 100% handmade by Wayuu artisans. We guarantee the authenticity and quality of each product. whether it’s a backpack, a hat, a necklace, or any other accessory.

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