Wayuu Bag, Unique and Original

Why are Wayuu Bags unique?

Just look at the beautiful designs present on each of the Wayuu bags to know why they are unique!

Let’s keep in mind that crochet fabric is universal and that in fact it came to South America from Spain. It was brought in colonial times. But even so, NO ONE achieves the bag designs like the women weavers of this ethnic group do. Designs that they carry engraved in their minds and then translate naturally into each Wayuu backpack.

Either because they carry it in their genes or simply because they are educated to make weaving from a very early age and are familiar with this art from birth and as they grow up with it. Wayuu weavers have been, are and will be the standard bearers par excellence of this beautiful craft.

Original designs

This series of designs, mostly geometric, which in Wayuunaiki (Wayuu language) are called kannas, defines Wayuu bags. We must also observe the handles, also with varied designs, shapes and sizes. And to complete the seal of particularity, we find the immense range of colorful colors used to manufacture them.

All of these designs are impregnated with the experiences of the hands that wove and shaped them. They reflect the environment that surrounds them and, in general, the world in which they operate.

Experiences and everyday life

In each of the Wayuu bags, we find day or night, afternoon or morning. Moon or sun, rain or fire, nature and more nature. The designs of the backpacks represent the artisan’s state of mind, way of thinking and living.

The designs of Wayuu bags have meaning, tradition and inspiration as they reflect the thoughts and feelings of each woman who weaves a bag. This is basically the reason why Wayuu bags are unique.

When you wear one of the Wayuu bags in your outfit, you are not just wearing an accessory. You carry heritage, tradition, lineage and ancestral power.

Be Different, Be Unique, Be Wayúu!

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