Why We Are Your Best Option to Buy Wayuu Items?

Wayuu MarketWhat is Wayuu Market?

We serve as a gateway to the captivating world of the Wayuu people, empowering artisanal rural communities through our online marketplace for small producers. Thousands of women from the deserts of La Guajira bring their dreams to life by weaving intricate patterns, crafting the finest Wayuu bags and woven goods in Colombia. Each piece holds a unique story waiting to be told.

All of our efforts are focused on the advancement and preservation of indigenous Wayuu communities and local families involved in the Wayuu artisan industry.

Below we will give you several reasons why Wayuu Market is your best option to buy your Wayuu items.

Did you know? Every time you buy something at Wayuu Market, you contribute to the livelihood of the Wayuu families of La Guajira, Colombia. This is a fundamental reason to buy. All our items are 100% made by the hands of Wayuu artisans.

Wayuu Market offers all professional and commercial services for urban and rural artisans to sell on the Internet for free.

You can Personalize your Wayuu Items

Yeah! With us you can personalize each of the items you want for that special outfit, in just one click

Portfolio of Wayuu Items

On our page you will find a wide portfolio of Wayuu items. This way it will be very easy to find what you need.

You can CLICK on each article. This will show you everything we have for you.


You get local prices from artisans. Regardless of fast and affordable shipping, retail buyers can purchase Wayuu items at a discount.

However, the trick for wholesale buyers to get lower shipping costs per item is to purchase more products. We have worked hard to obtain the lowest processing prices and shipping discounts so that we can access the best price possible while still honoring the artisans’ fees.

In particular, Mercado Wayuu prices are the lowest online. You are getting a great deal considering the time and craftsmanship. Wayuu artisans put a small part of themselves into making each of these pieces special.

Without a doubt, buying your items at Wayuu Market is the best option. Enter our page wayuumarket.com now, you can also communicate through our WhatsApp.

We will be happy to provide you with the best advice!

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