Canvas wayuu: An ancestral tradition

Canvas Wayuu: The Imagination of Indigenous Peoples

First and foremost, the Canvas Wayuu is a term used to refer to the handicrafts where the imagination and traditional vision created by the indigenous Wayuu people, who inhabit the region of La Guajira on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, are reflected. Additionally, these handicrafts serve as a cultural expression and hold deep significance for the Wayuu community.

At Wayuumarket, we not only provide knowledge of the indigenous peoples with whom we work but also rely on their experience and personal judgment.

The Wayuu canvas is the mochilas?

The drawings on the Wayuu mochilas, also known as “Colombian mochilas” or “tribal Wayuu mochilas.”

Each drawing on a Wayuu mochila and chinchorro has its own meaning and can vary according to the interpretation of the Wayuu community. Furthermore, they are traditional patterns and designs that hold significance.

Common drawings and their possible meanings.

Certainly, it is important to note that these are only possible meanings that are reflected in the Wayuu canvas.

If you want to know the meaning of these pictograms, below you will find their significance.

“The Path”: Symbolizes the journey of life and the search for wisdom and truth. It can represent personal growth and evolution.

“The Stars”: They represent the connection with the divine and spirituality. They can symbolize the guidance and protection of the Wayuu gods.

“The Snakes”: By embodying strength and wisdom, they not only symbolize these qualities but also serve as representations of protection and spiritual power.

“The Birds”: They represent freedom and connection with the spiritual world. They can symbolize communication with the gods and, as a result, the connection with ancestors.

“The Animals”: As a symbolic element in Wayuu culture, represent the connection with nature and emphasize the importance of animals. Moreover, they can symbolize various aspects such as hunting, sustenance, and fostering a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. environment.

Artisans actively adopt new ideas and drawings over time, meeting the standards of other cultures to expand their repertoire of products.

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