Canvas wayuu: An ancestral tradition

Canvas Wayuu: An Ancestral Tradition

Canvas wayuu: An ancestral tradition Canvas Wayuu: The Imagination of Indigenous Peoples First and foremost, the Canvas Wayuu is a term used to refer to the handicrafts where the imagination and traditional vision created by the indigenous Wayuu people, who inhabit the region of La Guajira on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, are reflected. […]

Wayuu Bags and Their History

Wayuu Bags and Their History How did you start weaving Wayuu bags? The famous Wayuu bags These crafts contain great mysticism in their fabric, this is the Wayuu tradition. There are myths that tell the story of how the weaving of Wayuu bags was born. The story goes that the spider or Wale’ Kerü was […]

Wayuu bag. Why buy it?

Wayuu Bag. Why Buy It? The commercialization of artisanal products, mainly the Wayuu bag, is gaining more and more strength throughout the national territory. This has even become a traditional Colombian artisanal piece for the world. It is no coincidence today to find this element displayed in international stores. Drawing the buyer’s attention, the details […]

Wayuu Bags, Gauze or Ropes

Wayuu Bags, Gauze or Ropes The Chiffon of Wayuu bags The Gauze, straps, strips or ropes, that the Wayuu bags carry, are another example of the artisanal weaving of this ancient tribe. It is as varied in its names as in the colors, designs, sizes and styles that characterize it. These straps are essential in […]

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