What Are Wayuu Bags Made Of?

What are Wayuu Bags Made of?

What Are Wayuu Bags Made Of? “What are Wayuu Bags Made of?” was one of the most popular questions and very misguided answers on the internet about Wayuu Bags. Many distributors on the internet claim that Wayuu artisans weave their products with “natural materials” like cotton or wool. Understandably, people think that because the items […]

Wayuu Weaving, Designs and Patterns

Wayuu Weaving, Designs and Patterns

Wayuu Weaving, Designs and Patterns Where does Wayuu fabric originate? Regarding the Wayuu fabric, we must highlight its mythological origin narrated in the legend of Wale’kerü that is handled within the culture of this ethnic group. The Wayuu women are in charge of making these wayuu bags, they imprint on them all the cultural and […]

Wayuu bag. Why buy it?

Wayuu Bag. Why Buy It? The commercialization of artisanal products, mainly the Wayuu bag, is gaining more and more strength throughout the national territory. This has even become a traditional Colombian artisanal piece for the world. It is no coincidence today to find this element displayed in international stores. Drawing the buyer’s attention, the details […]

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