Wayuu Bag. Why Buy It?

The commercialization of artisanal products, mainly the Wayuu bag, is gaining more and more strength throughout the national territory.

This has even become a traditional Colombian artisanal piece for the world. It is no coincidence today to find this element displayed in international stores. Drawing the buyer’s attention, the details of the design and the riot of colors..

The commercialization of the Wayuu bag is of great importance for the improvement of the lifestyle of this people. The added value is given by the fact that we can call the artisans of these products artists. Because they are Wayuu women who leave their ancestral heritage and daily experiences in each backpack, giving each creation a unique and unrepeatable style. It is worth remembering that the making of each Wayuu bag takes an artisan at least 20 days. The production and sale of the Wayuu bag represents financial independence for Wayuu women. This is because they take advantage of their knowledge of weaving to provide for their families, receiving remuneration for their work. By purchasing an original Wayuu bag, you are contributing to improving the quality of life of the indigenous population. This helps the mothers of La Guajira ensure a better future for their children. This also collaborates with the preservation of the ancestral traditions of the Wayuu ethnic group.

Wayuu MarketImprove the living conditions of the ethnic group

Of all the indigenous groups in Colombia, the Wayuu community in the Guajira peninsula is one of the most vulnerable populations and at greatest risk of disappearance, according to reports from the United Nations (UN). The indigenous group lives in the desert region that unites Colombia and Venezuela. Mostly nomads, The community located in the part of the region known as La Alta Guajira is currently facing even more challenges due to the immense drought in the area and the consequences it has caused. For this reason, it is vitally important that the products manufactured by ethnic women have sufficient distribution and marketing. This is because the sale of each Wayuu bag represents a real possibility for the population to improve and stabilize their quality of life, to the extent that income increases and the market strengthens. Thus being able to continue with production and perpetuate the tradition of the weavers of the Wayuu community.

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