Wayuu Bags, Gauze or Ropes

The Chiffon of Wayuu bags

The Gauze, straps, strips or ropes, that the Wayuu bags carry, are another example of the artisanal weaving of this ancient tribe. It is as varied in its names as in the colors, designs, sizes and styles that characterize it. These straps are essential in the final product that is going around the planet. Wayuu bags are becoming more and more rooted in the taste of buyers worldwide. The gauze pads require preparation and elaboration as dedicated and meticulous as the backpack itself. In these straps we find a varied range of colors and designs, like in backpacks. One of them can have four or five colors that must match perfectly with the bag. The length of the gauze varies depending on the weaver and the width depends on the size of the backpack to which it is attached.

Wayuu MarketWho makes them?

Its preparation is generally in charge of Wayuu men. They take care of this part of making the backpack. They also have the discretion to choose the colors and designs to use. Once they have decided on the size and design, they begin to fold, cut, twist, knot, glue and shape the thread. To make it, they use crochet thread in a wide range of colors and just like the wayuu bags. They use the one or two needle technique as required. This painstaking process results in the beautiful chiffons or straps. Are, Attached to the wayuu bags, they give the final touch to the work of art that is the beautiful Wayuu bags.


Among the designs used in gauze we can find zigzag, Arrows, diamonds, stripes and many more. Although the predominant or most used patterns are Arrows and stripes. The latter is generally made with the “Single Thread” fabric. Some Wayuu bags do not have the traditional gauze or strap but rather a strip or braided cord. These are used in Drawstring backpacks to carry on the shoulder or back and in Pom Poms as short handles. Whether in bags, gauze or Wayuu ropes or in any of their crafts, the Wayuu will continue to surprise us with their beautiful creations.
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