The wayuu artisan industry

The Wayuu Artisan Industry Who are the Wayuu? The Wayuu artisan people are the largest indigenous manufacturing community of the Americas. Most tribesmen and women reside along the northern territory of Colombia and Venezuela. The official authorities report over 270.000 people belonging to the indigenous group living in Colombia alone. The Wayuu are descendants of the […]

About wayuu market and how we began

About Wayuu Market and How We Began What is Wayuu Market All About Wayuu Market Directly from their hands to yours Hi! Welcome to Wayuu Market, an artisan centered marketplace dedicated to the Wayuu Artisan Industry. First, we manage all the marketing, processing, logistics, and shipping at no cost for the artisans. In addition, they get […]

How did traditional wayuu hats look like

How did Traditional Wayuu Hats Look Like

How did Traditional Wayuu Hats Look Like The Wayuu Hat A symbol of power, knowledge, and social status The significance of Wayuu Hats Wayuu Hats are as important as any other working tool or accessory people need to carry on daily activities. The universal use of hats, not only as a protective garment but a cultural […]

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